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Teradek Live:Air Solo Video Production Suite for iOS

It’s been a long time coming but now there is a pocket sized ready to go way to broadcast a live stream with your iOS device for FREE.  Several streaming platforms have had their own broadcaster apps but nothing like what has been launched.

The New Teradek Live:Air Solo is the simplified iOS app to its Live:Air app release several months ago but only for iPad’s.

Live:Air Solo

Teradek, the video accessories maker, comes from the hardware-side of things, but the company has announced a combination hardware/software solution for live video production which puts professional quality workflow and results within reach of the budget-conscious.

The Live:Solo app is a great introduction for newbies to live streaming for its simplicity and Free price tag. It gives you the ability to switch between videos and the devices front and rear-facing camera. With an expansive selection of customizable lower-thirds, images, titles, and even scoreboards making it the ideal tool for parents wanting to stream their kids soccer game or news reporters on the street wanting to capture events as they happen with the look and feel of traditional news TV broadcasts.



Your iPhone or iPad is always with you and so is Live:Air Solo. Simply launch the app, frame your shot, and go live using your device’s 3G/4G/LTE connection for a full HD stream. Automated actions like transitions and audio mixing keep Live:Air Solo’s user interface minimal, so you can concentrate on capturing that golden moment.

No previous streaming knowledge is required to take advantage of Live:Air Solo’s intuitive workflow. For webcasting enthusiasts, Live:Air Solo gives you complete control, whether through lens distortion correction, color correction, high-quality audio input, or connecting to a Wi-Fi network for internet. Live:Air Solo is an app made for all ages and creative individuals alike.


Our Team at WebCast-TV has tested the app and been very impressed with its capabilities. The encoding settings are easy to access and within a matter of minutes can be set up to stream to your account on WebCast-TV. We know this product will be used by our customers and we are excited to see what they can do with it.

There is currently no product page on Teradek’s website but you can download the app from the app store here – https://itunes.apple.com/dk/app/live-air-solo/id1051147032?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2

Once you’ve downloaded it try streaming with us today for Free – http://www.webcast-tv.com/joinup


Introducing Realtime Viewer Count & Analytics

Since we re-released our site back in January of this year, we have been continuing to add more features to our platform. With new members joining everyday we are excited that we’ve created a platform you all love.

Now you can get a realtime unique viewer count while you broadcast your event and a full analytics history of your live streams once your done where you can see Unique Viewers for all your live events.


In addition, to save logging into your Google Analytics Account all the time, we have built a page which allows you to pull in your Google Analytics results in to a format more helpful for your webcasts. It’s currently in Beta but we’d love your feedback.



Lastly we added a page to give you detailed bandwidth usage to help compare viewers.

We feel these features will help you get the most out of your webcasts and allow you or your client to get a full understanding of how popular your events are.

We now include Roll Over bandwidth on LITE Plans

We are happy to announce that we are now including RollOver bandwidth on all LITE plans. This means that what you don’t use one month will carry over to the next month.

If you sign up today but don’t have an event planned for a couple of months you will be building up 100GB of extra bandwidth each month which will give you more bandwidth to run your event. Our LITE plan is only $24/month so don’t wait till the last minute. Start saving up the bandwidth now rather than pay overages!

The benefits of live webcasting

Whilst talking with new potential customers we often get asked, “Why should I do a live webcast?” Its either for their business trying to promote themselves or a product, or for people who organize sporting or other events and would like enthusiasts to watch who can’t make it there.

Whether you are thinking of webcasting for a sports event, church, government announcement, business training webinar or product launch, here are some key benefits for webcasting your event :-


One of the main benefits is that your viewers can interact in realtime with the host of the event asking questions via social media and getting answers immediately.


Compared to traditional TV broadcasting webcasting is extremely affordable, even something you can do yourself.


The great thing with webcasting is unlike traditional TV you can broadcast live to international audience.


Once an event is over people have seen or heard results on social media and its not the same watching it later as Video On Demand.


Don’t let your viewers miss any of the action by letting them tune in to the event on their smart phone while they are on the go.


A live webcast can demonstrate a modern leading edge image of your company or event which is what you want when competing with other companies.


Providing a webcast will gain viewers and traffic to your website which will in turn allow you to offer and sell advertising spots to sponsors.


By streaming your video in realtime through a video switcher means that there is no need for timely & costly post production editing.

WireCast Free Webinar on Advanced Tips & Techniques

Live Webinar Date: Tues, Feb 10, 2015 @ 10AM PST

Presented by – Stephen Heywood – Application Specialist, Telestream

Wirecast-logoJoin us for a review and live demonstration of some of the more advanced features of Wirecast. This webinar will instruct you on several critical, but complex concepts and technical skills necessary to take your experience with Telestream’s Wirecast software to the next level.

The delivery will primarily be a hands-on tutorial and demonstration of the software showing you how to optimize your encoding settings, program and use playlists, manipulate media, and integrate Twitter into your broadcasts.


Who Should Attend?
Any new or prospective Wirecast customers interested seeing the more advanced features Wirecast can offer should attend. As well as any existing Wirecast customers looking to dive deeper into its capabilities, and want an advanced lesson in Wirecast. And anyone who is interested in creating professional-level, high quality live web streams should attend.


What You Will Learn:
How to optimize your Wirecast encoding settings to get the best possibly quality broadcast on your internet connection
Key concepts and technical terms in encoding
Programming playlists for hands-free broadcasting
New capabilities of the Wirecast Preview editor for media settings
Integrating and using Twitter in your live broadcasts

We launch our site to new members

Over the last few months WebCast-TV has been working on a new version of our website which we feel is our best to date. After listening to our valued customers, we developed our new platform based on the features they have been asking for.

“We are excited to let you know that it is available for you to use from today”

Sign Up for your 30 day free trial and let us know what you think. We know it’s what you you are looking for!

HeyWatch Encoding partners with WebCast-TV

We are excited to announce that HeyWatch partners with WebCast-TV for its cloud based video encoding.

HeyWatch is a scalable and powerful cloud-based video encoding platform built by developers for developers – a new way of converting videos for web and mobile applications in the cloud.

Read the customer testimonial they have posted on their website.



Working towards a public release

While our customers have been trying the new platform we have been adding in extra features and working on our new pricing plans. This is nearly complete and that will allow us to start advertising to the public again. We feel really good about our new site and hope you loyal customers will help us promote us in the next months.

We will be sending out a newsletter in the next few days to let you know of this big day.

Introducing the NEW WebCast-TV.com

WebCast-TV is happy to announce that we have released a new version of our website to our current customers which we feel is our best to date. After listening to our valued customers we developed our system on what they wanted. Although it does not have all the features we’ve had with our last version we will be adding these in over the next few months.